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Thanks for dropping by. This should be fun.

I apologize that we are asking for only U.S. funds. We are incorporating all our North American readers into one pool, since current economics, business and politics clearly affect both the States and Canada. That, and our new residence is in the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania, and our objective, here, is focused communication, not satisfying advertisers’ curiosity. Virtually all Canadians have U.S.-dollar accounts; virtually no Americans do, so it’s just a matter of practical logistics.

As I noted earlier, I am working on a book about journalism from a perspective of which I have unique experience. The profession does its best to kill off people that don’t toe the line, and they have earned the disdain with which the public holds them. I will, from time to time, float some ideas from the book at it progresses. In addition, corporate thugs continue to try and control the free expression of ideas from family businesses, so I expect to bounce a knuckle or two off the skulls of those that earn it. Corporal punishment was a part of their education that went lacking, but it’s not too late to catch up.

Technically, I am retired. This appeal for subscribers is based on the overwhelming support and friendship I received over the years, and I expect it to be both instructive and fun. In a word, I can’t be “cancelled,” by advertisers or activists, so we can be frank, on the one hand, and both expansive and direct. We have a huge repository of resources, both historical and global, and it should be easy to record upcoming events as they occur, with the aim toward affecting your bottom line in the same old ways: costs of production, labor, environment, costs of compliance, import/export, currency and finance, socio/anthro movements and the idiocy of our entertainment industries.

Please fasten your seatbelts, and check to make certain all your luggage is stowed. Your mask, if you need it, will not drop from the overhead bin. It’s in your pocket. We will update you from gate to gate, the second Tuesday of every month, beginning on July 13. Please comply with all restrictions until you just can’t take it anymore. Upon departure, you will notice on the Left some random fires and looting. Welcome to 2021.

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